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About Spins
The very beginning

After years of dancing, we found it was time to throw the typical black standard dancing shoes aside and look for something more exclusive. What unfortunately not proved so easy as it looked ... A survey in our circle of acquaintances showed that many dancers had trouble finding the perfect dance shoes. Some want a striking color, the other has narrow or wide feet and someone else wants a low or very high heel. To say nothing of dancers with small or even big feet!

An incredible range of dancing shoes

The solution we found at the brand Very Fine Shoes in Los Angeles, America. With them of choice in dancing shoes no lack! Wide or narrow feet, all models in a variety of colors, fabrics and materials, high or low heels, big and small sizes, wider or narrower fit in Very Fine Shoes is all possible. Our online store is an official distributor of this rather special brand, and we also distribute other quality brands such PORTDANCE , TOPTANZ and PAOUL.
For each foot the fitting shoe!

Narrow feet, wide feet, very small feet and big feet ... with SPINS you will always find the appropriate model. Even dancing shoes suitable for orthotics or feet with hallux valgus are in our wide range.
You can choose the color, material, width and heel height.
That way, you can complete a 'personal tailored' shoe.

Difficult feet ... then fit and feel free to choose in our store.
On Tuesday, this is freely accessible. On other days by appointment for a more personal service.
Our knowledgeable advice and friendly service is known by many satisfied customers.

Erik and Nancy Baetens Van Nespen