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The title of the article is transferred only when the customer already has fulfilled its contractual obligations and thereby accepting the order.

Any dispute, refusal or exchange of the items must be made within 14 calendar days after delivery of the goods and this per return. Notification by other means or after this period is not accepted by can only accept products intact and in original packaging. In particular dance shoes with soles wear phenomena or other damage by not fit on a clean surface can be returned under any circumstances as these can no longer be sold. The cost of the return shipment are always at the customer's account. If this return will not be sent with proof of shipment, the customer also bears any responsibility for whether or not receive the products by and may lead in any way to the dissolution of the agreement. Goods in promotion can not be exchanged or returned. Won goods can not be exchanged or returned. can also be held liable in any way for delayed deliveries of articles as they others depend.

Each complaint must clearly be sent by post. adheres to the obligation to provide for each complaint as soon as possible reply. sends orders via Bpost. Your mission is thus ensured until receipt by the customer. Failure to timely receive or refused the delivery will result in a return of the goods to In this case this will charge the appropriate shipping and administrative costs, calculated at Ä 8.75 excl. VAT for Belgium and Ä 12.75 excl. VAT for the Netherlands, independent of a new shipment of the goods purchased. It goes without saying that defects not covered by the manufacturer's warranty no reason to dissolve the purchase entail.

Any valid cancellation of order in accordance with our terms and conditions will result in a refund of funds paid within 14 days of cancellation of the order. For goods already shipped to the shipping cost remains payable.

In case of force majeure not obliged to fulfill its obligations to the customer, they will be suspended for the duration of the force majeure. Force majeure includes any circumstance beyond its control, whereby the obligation to the client is fully or partially obstructed. strives constantly to perfect quality of its products, but this is also dependent on its manufacturers and suppliers. The available data for the presentation of the products does not guarantee or quality statement. It is not a reason for refusal if the specified quality insignificant differs from the actual quality.